In my Home

Art is how I chronicle my life.  Whether ink to paper, a brushstroke over canvas or documenting daily scenes in sketchbooks. I am never without my sketchbook and a favorite pen and I am never more focused, calm or at peace than when I am making art.  I am very aware that these are the objects I will one day be the artifacts of my life and a direct link to my loved ones.  In that way I am creating a portal for time travel to send messages to my loved ones in the future even now. 


I have been lucky enough to have had mentors who have shaped the way I see the world.  The late Jeffrey Fisher molded my craft and me personally.  He taught me to look at my subject and to trust what I see and through that process taught me to trust myself. As an art educator, I aspire to carry those lessons on through my students, helping them find confidence and develop their own voice through art.